Friday, December 4, 2009


Like the corners of my mind.....

Spencer has made a very odd request for Christmas. After snuggling on my bed he said "Your bed is so super duper comfortable, I want one of these soft thingies too for my bed"
I explained that they are memory foam and that they can be expensive, so if he wanted one it might have to be for Christmas. He was okay with that.

So tonight, as I finished making his bed with clean sheets he again brought up his request, and I quote:

"Oh I can't wait to get my mammary foam for my bed"

I nearly snorted half way down the hall.

"Spencer, that's MEMORY foam"
"Then what's a mammary?"
"That's the glands that produce milk in ladies boobs" (I am slightly embarrassed I used boob instead of breast, but I was still seriously trying to not fall over laughing).
"Female animals also have them as well to feed their babies."
"That's true, okay."

Because it is in the animal kingdom it takes off the stigma.


Ginny said...

Too funny.

Heather said...

That is hysterical! Don't you love how you can use the animal kingdom to help make explaining things to kids a little less stressful? :) The only problem is when it's the other way around. After hearing that the dog was going to get neutered, my youngest stepson asked me quietly, "Can people get fixed, too?" Quite an interesting discussion followed.

Dena said...

awwww, boys and mammaries, always a good laugh. :o)