Thursday, December 17, 2009


Many years ago Willow Tree started making gentle nativity sets, that I adore. A dear friend of mine has that set, it's beautiful really. It has always been something that I loved, but couldn't justify the cost, there were so many practical things we needed.

I wanted representation in my house of what this season is really all about. I love to decorate. I got rid of my Santa collection, I don't even know why I had them in the first place. We don't really push that whole aspect. Sure, we have stockings, but never made it that big of a deal. I wanted a clean nice nativity to adorn my house, but it always seemed out of reach.

Monday night was a huge concert that our church put on to benefit our local hospital. We were able to raise enough funds for them to buy an anesthesia machine for their birthing center, how cool is that? We had fabulous raffle prizes donated for the cause, rounds of golf, gym memberships, a Willow Tree Nativity set. It wasn't the one I had admired all these years, but it was stunning. Mary, Joseph and Jesus all in one, with the color instead of all cream. I was very excited.

Before you jump ahead. I didn't win it. In fact, I didn't have time to buy any tickets, being assistant to the leader and singing myself took a lot of time. SO I watched as people won things and someone I knew won that nativity set, which was amazing in a room of 400+ people.

After the concert I was chatting with the family that won, they actually won three things, one being Aaron's new Christmas CD. I mentioned they won what I really wanted. Daisie made an Elvis lip look at me and said, "I have a big ol' nativity set, you can have it"...because that's how Daisie talks, and because she is super cool like that.
You might think I screamed or smiled or something. I didn't.

"Daisie", I said with a straight face and seriousness dripping from my words, "don't mess with me, are you serious?"

She was.
Then I did a happy dance.

So, you might thing this is where the story doesn't. I am not a huge fan of the color on the figures. Since I work in the office I knew who donated it, she happens to own a hallmark store, so I did the logical thing (in my brain anyway) I went to the store, and talked to her about trading for the cream traditional set.

She said yes.

And I am still smiling.


Lori said...

I have a few little nativity sets and one that is a little bigger. I bought it for dirt cheap at a craft sale one year. I have long adored the Willow Tree one. LONG ADORED. I'm only the best of ways. Congrats on your new set.

Karen said...

what a blessing, congrats!!!!

Thany said...

This makes me smile SO SO SO much.

Heidi said...

Beautiful. So pleased for you :)