Friday, November 13, 2009

A Whole New World

Did I mention my husband is now directing a kids choir at a public school?
What? I didn't?
Once a week he has a 50+ voice, 4th-8th grader choir rehearsal. He is a natural kid magnet. Serious, they love him, but this is new territory. It's exciting to watch, especially after he removed the deer caught in the headlights look from his face when he was asked to do this.

This school lost it's music program due to budget cuts. Our church is paying my husband to provide the class as an after school program. Another school might do the same next year. It's sad in general that this is necessary, but I am super happy these kids will still have a chance to learn music. After the New Year he will also teach musical instruments, School Of Rock style. Now that will be fun to watch too!

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Misty said...

How cool is that??? cool that he's teaching and so cool what your church is doing...