Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Shoe Lesson

I learned some valuable lessons from my shoes today.
I have this pair of sassy shoes. They are strappy, they are high, and they are the only pair that keeps my "long" jeans from rubbing on the ground. When I first bought them they fit great, perfectly, and they were oh so comfortable they way they were. Thing is, being leather straps and all, they stretched out.

This is a problem.

There are no buckles, no elastic, nothing to adjust. You slide your foot in and that's it, except now my foot slides around a bit in the shoe, resulting in the following observations of life:

Just because you are on stable ground, doesn't mean you are stable.

Slow down, and walk like a lady.

It only takes a tiny step the wrong direction to take you down a slippery slope.

You may think no one saw you stumble, but you're wrong, someone always does.

And finally, an obvious one:

Strappy sassy shoes are not the friend of toes when it's 36 degrees outside.

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