Friday, November 6, 2009

A Servant's Heart

I don't mean a slave's heart, or a hired hand's heart...I mean, willing to serve those that you love heart.

I stood in the kitchen, surrounded by boxes, having just gotten a relapsed sick child back to bed. My cell phone in my hand with a video message from my husband. He was out in the "studio" in the garage across the yard, but sent me a message. "Can you make me garlic toast please, I will be in shortly". He wasn't asking for the Italian side dish. He was asking for toast, with butter, and raw garlic on it, to help fight off something. He felt himself getting sick and this is what he does to help kick whatever is trying to get him. I FUMED....for no good reason. I paced back and forth for a minute to calm down. Why was I mad? He has worked his butt off, and hurt his trap muscle, and is behind on a deadline all because of moving. He is working so hard...this is my job, to help him, to honor him, to make him garlic toast when he asks because he is too busy to do it himself. He is stressed trying to get it all done, sleeping very little.

So why was I mad? I am still not sure. Selfish motives? I had finally gotten the sick kid to bed, and I was surrounded by boxes to empty...maybe it's because he sent it too me in video form, that was kinda weird.

I had to clean out my heart. My husband is so deserving of honor, and being taken care of in love. So I pushed my attitude aside and made him toast. And he was so grateful and full of love when he came in and I handed it to him. Why would I ever not want to help him?


Missy Shell said...

A great reminder to us all. Thank you.

Heather said...

You are so awesome. I've been dealing with this a lot lately, and you're right. We do need to clean out our hearts every now and then. (Some of us more often than others....)

Congratulations on the house! I hope you are happily settling into your new home. It really is wonderful news and you and your family definitely deserve it. Enjoy the free pears :)