Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sixty three homes burned down in my town not too long ago. I have witnessed this tragedy before when I lived in the San Diego area, not once, but twice. I know stories of people who made it out with just their pajamas on grabbing their purse , and that's it.

After moving all of our stuff I thought about those people. This is just stuff. Some of it is important to us for sentimental value. Some is used for work, so might be more important , but it is stuff. I wouldn't trade my life, or the life of my children for it. If it all burned down, sure I would be sad...but what is really important? I thought this through.
That is the one thing I would miss the most. And why? They are memories of the most important thing again, family.

There is nothing really profound here, nothing you didn't already really know. I just needed to think outloud for a minute. Losing our stuff would be a great inconvenience, that's for sure. Having my family, helps me survive anything.

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Missy Shell said...

That's totally the same conclusion that I came to in '07 when our neighborhood went up. It's the people that matter; the rest it absolutely just stuff!