Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Two...

In two days I get to drive down to my parents house for Thanksgiving with at least one sibling and most of her family, this is a very exciting and happy thing. Usually we all get together for Christmas, but this year got very weird and it just wasn't going to happen the way it traditionally has.
So we made a choice: We chose to say no to driving down there for Christmas.
This will be the first time in years and years and years...maybe ever.

So we then decided it would be worth the drive for Thanksgiving instead. Neither of my daughters can attend, but it's a new season in our life regarding them anyway. I'll be honest, it's hard and weird having adult kids, that you want to step out and live their own life, but you always want them to embrace the traditions and work their butts off to try and keep them.


It's all new territory. Jobs and finances will keep them both away for Thanksgiving. I will have one for Christmas at least, and BOTH for their birthday in January. They are twins after all, it's an important be together day.


Karen said...

ah man, finally a blog that I can relate to with grown sub-adults. isn't it hard? that's for the encouragement.

Missy Shell said...

Sigh. I'm not looking forward to that part of the growing up process. We're starting to get glimmers of it with John and I want to scream, "Stop it! Quit growing up and being independent!"