Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Again

We've hit the road and are going back home. Family time, road trips, good food, love it all! When we get home we have to hit the ground running for the next couple days, but then, yes then, it's Christmas decorating time!

BRING ON THE LIGHTS!!!! BRING ON THE TREE! It's time for the house to transform into Christmas delight. And when Jenelle isn't home, BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

I don't know what happened to that child to make her hate Christmas music, hard to believe she is mine, oh well. Hopefully she will be working alot so I can play some around here. Alyssa is the same way, but she lives in Arizona, so I don't have to worry about hearing her groan with the music.

May your Season be Merry and Bright! (And may you get to play all the Christmas music you want, free of groaning children)

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