Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good To Know

My son bounced into our room announcing he had found his missing wallet, and just how much money he now had. I was a little shocked at the number.

" How do you have so much? Are you sure you don't owe anyone money?"

"Mom, I don't owe anyone, in fact, some people owe me."

He went on to explain that his sisters each owed him a little bit and then this girl in Sunday School.

"Why does she owe you Spencer?"

"I sold her something, but don't worry, it wasn't information"

I am so happy to hear that my son isn't selling secrets.



Thany said...
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Thany said...

Your son talks like he was raised by spies.
And you sure seem to move a lot........WAIT A MINUTE!!

Have you been showing Spencer SPY movies while you are trying to get things packed?!

Crayl said...

Great, now I have to kill you.....