Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Then I Said No to Chocolate.

I have developed an issue with chocolate.
It gives me reflux, or heartburn. I don't care what you call it, it burns and hurts and damages my vocal cords...which I need to be very healthy and strong right about now. While, I have never been a chocoholic it is becoming slightly frustrating. Chocolate is everywhere. It seems to be the number one dessert flavor brought to functions. Seriously....think of something besides brownies (yummmmm, brownies).
Fruit inspired things, apple pie or turnovers. Oatmeal cookies, with or without raisins, your choice. (It seems such a mean thing to do to a grape)Perhaps a blondie, or sugar cookies,Lemon bars, SNICKERDOODLES!! YESPLEASE!

I realize that my issue will not stop a nation of chocolate lovers...but sometimes, I ask you, simply think outside of the box.



Heidi said...

Those of us with chocolate haters in the family are always thinking outside of that box!

Missy Shell said...