Monday, November 30, 2009

Best For Last, a Saga

I wanted to save this story for the very last day of this wonderful blogging month. Blogging everyday was a challenge considering the the roller coaster of internet connections we had to endure at the new house. I will save that story for December.

This is a story about a Turkey. A Turkey named Joe. (Thought I was going to say Tom huh?)
"This year", my mom said excitedly,"we have friends that are raising turkeys, and we bought one for Thanksgiving. It will be great, no hormones, no salt solution injected into the bird, no nitrates"
"Sounds great mom"
"Yeah, your dad will pick it up Tuesday night on his way home from work" .
My dad is out of retirement to work the census. They are utilizing his managerial skills and gave him some authority and with it, more hours.

We arrived at my parents home Tuesday evening, and shortly thereafter my dad arrived home as well...with a GIANT black garbage bag, inside of which was another bag, inside of which, was a 34 pound turkey.

You read that right.
34 pounds.

The thing was huge. It was kinda creepy too. It was twice the size and weight of an average turkey. A couple years ago our family cooked a 28 pound bird from Costco. I had just mentioned it to a friend the day before "Our family record is 28 pounds"...that was just shattered.

Conversations started popping up. Is the oven big enough? Turkey bags are too small, what's the new plan? Do you have a big enough pan? Should we cut it in half? Perhaps we should build a pit out back and cook it like your would a pig...seriously, it's that big.

The one thing we knew for sure...when usually only a little stuffing is inside the bird and the rest is cooked in a couple baking pans (we really love our stuffing around here) the reverse was about to happen. The night before there was a planning meeting regarding the size of the pan (barely fit) the size of the turkey bags and other factors. We ended up making a foil shield to jet out from the sides of the pan, on top of a cookie sheet while the bird was inside 2 turkey bags, one put on to each end of the turkey, overlapping in the middle. My dad has a degree in Physics 34 pound bird was going to beat him.

Will it fit?????

IT DID!!!!!!!!!!!! ...BARELY!!!!!!!!!

At one point we pulled it out to check the internal temperature. When my sister hoisted it back into the oven the sheer weight caused her to lose her balance and she nearly fell into the oven, head first. There are unknown dangers when dealing with large turkeys.

It was spectacular on many levels when it was done. My dad only carved half for dinner, which barely looked like we put a dent into it when the meal was over. The gravy filled a soup pot. Abundance. We are all very thankful for the abundance.

This is my mom. She is fabulous. I just wanted to throw that in. And the cabinets behind her? Yeah, my dad built those this year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Line

While driving to my mom's house for Thanksgiving we had to make a stop in Reno at a Wal-Mart. I used the restroom while there, one of those new fangled ones with the auto sensor water and flushing toilets...which keep flushing while ...well you know. Ick. The small "special" trash receptacle in the stall didn't have a lid, and there on top was a used pregnancy test with the packaging. Someone was in a great hurry to find out if they were with child, I wondered if it was stolen. Considering the hast, and possibly the theft involved I am sure they were relieved it was negative...which considering, was probably a good thing...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Again

We've hit the road and are going back home. Family time, road trips, good food, love it all! When we get home we have to hit the ground running for the next couple days, but then, yes then, it's Christmas decorating time!

BRING ON THE LIGHTS!!!! BRING ON THE TREE! It's time for the house to transform into Christmas delight. And when Jenelle isn't home, BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

I don't know what happened to that child to make her hate Christmas music, hard to believe she is mine, oh well. Hopefully she will be working alot so I can play some around here. Alyssa is the same way, but she lives in Arizona, so I don't have to worry about hearing her groan with the music.

May your Season be Merry and Bright! (And may you get to play all the Christmas music you want, free of groaning children)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Winding Down

The end is in sight. This is post 27 in 27 days....30 is just around the corner.
If you participated this year, how have you done so far? Will you make it to the end? It is a challenge, that's for sure. But it is a good challenge, get's your creative brain working, keeps you thinking, remembering, instead of simply flying through your days.

Each blog is like a snapshot into the day it was written, even if you have a theme and do not write journal style. I find it much easier to blog than journal, which makes no sense to me at all.

I have really enjoyed this month, not that I am not ready to jump on any other blog every day band wagons, but I will keep the November tradition.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Take a moment, betweem courses of food
between family stories,
in the quiet of getting something from the fridge in the garage....

Take a moment and be thankful

There can be so many things to complain about....
But there is so much more to be thankful for...

Bonus Thankful list on Thursday:
1. My Family
2. My bigger family
3. My freinds that are so close that they ARE family
4. Forgiveness, it's amazing what it can do for you...try it.
5. Air to breathe
6. Sunshine to warm me
7. Rain to water the Earth
8. Pumpkin pie :)
9. A warm place to sleep
10. Above all else, I am thankful for Love.

God IS Love, it isn't merely an attribute of Him,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And Dessert....

I forgot to post this on Monday.
This was supposed to be an apple pie with a french crumb topping.
Um, except, I had a friend helping me in the kitchen, and well, lets just say that soft butter mixed with flour and sugar does NOT make a crumb topping, it makes cookie dough.
So this is a shortbread cookie topped Apple pie...and it was amazing.:)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Things I am thankful for, but more specifically made better by pumpkin:

1. Muffins
2. Pudding
3. Lattes
4. Cookies, check this out!
5. Pie
6. Soup, pumpkin soup is so wonderful, plus it has a bit of bacon it it too!
7. Pancakes
8. Chai tea, I know, sounds weird, but a little pumpkin spice added at Starbucks is great.
9. Bread
10. Ice cream.

Fattening but delicious list.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Homegrown, hormone free beef, sour dough french bread, and Curry glazed Sweet Potatoes...

We do things a little different around here sometimes.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Two...

In two days I get to drive down to my parents house for Thanksgiving with at least one sibling and most of her family, this is a very exciting and happy thing. Usually we all get together for Christmas, but this year got very weird and it just wasn't going to happen the way it traditionally has.
So we made a choice: We chose to say no to driving down there for Christmas.
This will be the first time in years and years and years...maybe ever.

So we then decided it would be worth the drive for Thanksgiving instead. Neither of my daughters can attend, but it's a new season in our life regarding them anyway. I'll be honest, it's hard and weird having adult kids, that you want to step out and live their own life, but you always want them to embrace the traditions and work their butts off to try and keep them.


It's all new territory. Jobs and finances will keep them both away for Thanksgiving. I will have one for Christmas at least, and BOTH for their birthday in January. They are twins after all, it's an important be together day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Quick, name or sing as many Journey songs as you can, ready?

How many did you come up with? I am sure your list included:
Anyway You Want It
Open Arms
Don't Stop Believin'

15 studio albums, plus more...still touring, still making albums

My husband is now the newest member...of a Journey tribute bands named Departure. In researching this blog I found out there is another Journey tribute band named Departure in Atlanta as well, but this one is in Sacramento. My husband is not in any of the photos or anything yet, his first gig with them is New Year's Eve.

The Journey songs are now dancing through my head like sugar plums should be.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridge Photos

The time has come, for the old fridge photos to be replaced by this years Christmas card bounty. I LOVE cards with photos. I love seeing how much everyone has grown, and all that.

I do want to say this though, please, as parents, include yourselves in the photos! I send out cards with out myself in it, it's true, sometimes it is just impossible to get all of us in one place. In fact this year I can't even get all the kids in the same state for a photo in time for cards. But, I lvoe having the whole family up there smiling away. Think about it, who were friends first? Was it me and your kid, or you and me?

I'm just saying.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is It Just Me?

When one is a night owl, and one has children, it is often the deep seeded desire of that person to sleep in longer in the morning. The cries or yells, or general noise of the kids being awake is sometimes painful...
When that kid finally sleeps in (maybe because of an antihistamine) a mom's heart may go into hyper-drive of "somethings wrong" and actually open the door to that kids room to make sure he is still breathing.

Or is it just me?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

These are from a couple weeks ago....amazing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Ten Pixar characters I am thankful for:
(No particular order)

1. Dori
2. Peach
3. Mater
4. Flick
5. Woody
6. Bruce
7. Elastagirl
8. Frozone
9. Crush

Monday, November 16, 2009

It has Pockets

A week or so ago my husband returned home from a gig with a cash payment. We were at the table at the time and he asked where my purse was. Now, you ladies out there know, you usually have a place that your purse sits all the time in your home. Right? You walk in the door and you sit it, or hang it in a specific place, or at least area. In our new home this spot has not been actualized yet. I keep trying different spots and nothing is really working out well. So he asked me and I said, "Well, I don't know, somewhere over there".
He handed me the bills and said, "Then here, put these in your bra." Which was slightly odd, especially since Spencer was sitting with us.

"Wait, those things have pockets?" Spencer piped in.
"Yes, yes they do"
"Wow, cool"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Shoe Lesson

I learned some valuable lessons from my shoes today.
I have this pair of sassy shoes. They are strappy, they are high, and they are the only pair that keeps my "long" jeans from rubbing on the ground. When I first bought them they fit great, perfectly, and they were oh so comfortable they way they were. Thing is, being leather straps and all, they stretched out.

This is a problem.

There are no buckles, no elastic, nothing to adjust. You slide your foot in and that's it, except now my foot slides around a bit in the shoe, resulting in the following observations of life:

Just because you are on stable ground, doesn't mean you are stable.

Slow down, and walk like a lady.

It only takes a tiny step the wrong direction to take you down a slippery slope.

You may think no one saw you stumble, but you're wrong, someone always does.

And finally, an obvious one:

Strappy sassy shoes are not the friend of toes when it's 36 degrees outside.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Then I Said No to Chocolate.

I have developed an issue with chocolate.
It gives me reflux, or heartburn. I don't care what you call it, it burns and hurts and damages my vocal cords...which I need to be very healthy and strong right about now. While, I have never been a chocoholic it is becoming slightly frustrating. Chocolate is everywhere. It seems to be the number one dessert flavor brought to functions. Seriously....think of something besides brownies (yummmmm, brownies).
Fruit inspired things, apple pie or turnovers. Oatmeal cookies, with or without raisins, your choice. (It seems such a mean thing to do to a grape)Perhaps a blondie, or sugar cookies,Lemon bars, SNICKERDOODLES!! YESPLEASE!

I realize that my issue will not stop a nation of chocolate lovers...but sometimes, I ask you, simply think outside of the box.


Friday, November 13, 2009

A Whole New World

Did I mention my husband is now directing a kids choir at a public school?
What? I didn't?
Once a week he has a 50+ voice, 4th-8th grader choir rehearsal. He is a natural kid magnet. Serious, they love him, but this is new territory. It's exciting to watch, especially after he removed the deer caught in the headlights look from his face when he was asked to do this.

This school lost it's music program due to budget cuts. Our church is paying my husband to provide the class as an after school program. Another school might do the same next year. It's sad in general that this is necessary, but I am super happy these kids will still have a chance to learn music. After the New Year he will also teach musical instruments, School Of Rock style. Now that will be fun to watch too!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

By the way...

I didn't really mention it, but I am fully participating again this year.
Why is it that November seems to be extra busy without a lot of time for blogging, yet I am all excited and ready to commit to 30 blogs in 30 days?

I guess I enjoy the challenge every one in a while.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Well, not completely wordless...but a random photo just the same.

Barbara Manateeeeeeeee
You are the one for meeeeeeeee
Sent from up above
You are the one I love.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Ten things I am thankful for. especially when sick:

1. Mom.
2. Chicken soup made by mom.
3. Juice.
4. Toast.
5. Movies.
6. Blinds, curtains or whatever means to make a room dark.
7. Soft pillows, warm blankets,comfy sofa.
8. Cell phones.
9. Quiet.
10.Uggs, or socks.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Explain This To Me...

Pasteurization: The sterilization of food through the application of heat...

So how does this...

plus this...

equal this?

but not this?
(photo credit)
(More photo credit)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Benefit Concert


December 14th, 7pm. All Star Benefit concert in Auburn.
Proceeds will help the birthing center at Sutter Faith Auburn Hospital.

It's going to be a really great performance.
General Admission as low as $10!
If you will be anywhere near Auburn/Sacramento please consider buying tickets for this worthy and fabulous event.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sixty three homes burned down in my town not too long ago. I have witnessed this tragedy before when I lived in the San Diego area, not once, but twice. I know stories of people who made it out with just their pajamas on grabbing their purse , and that's it.

After moving all of our stuff I thought about those people. This is just stuff. Some of it is important to us for sentimental value. Some is used for work, so might be more important , but it is stuff. I wouldn't trade my life, or the life of my children for it. If it all burned down, sure I would be sad...but what is really important? I thought this through.
That is the one thing I would miss the most. And why? They are memories of the most important thing again, family.

There is nothing really profound here, nothing you didn't already really know. I just needed to think outloud for a minute. Losing our stuff would be a great inconvenience, that's for sure. Having my family, helps me survive anything.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Servant's Heart

I don't mean a slave's heart, or a hired hand's heart...I mean, willing to serve those that you love heart.

I stood in the kitchen, surrounded by boxes, having just gotten a relapsed sick child back to bed. My cell phone in my hand with a video message from my husband. He was out in the "studio" in the garage across the yard, but sent me a message. "Can you make me garlic toast please, I will be in shortly". He wasn't asking for the Italian side dish. He was asking for toast, with butter, and raw garlic on it, to help fight off something. He felt himself getting sick and this is what he does to help kick whatever is trying to get him. I FUMED....for no good reason. I paced back and forth for a minute to calm down. Why was I mad? He has worked his butt off, and hurt his trap muscle, and is behind on a deadline all because of moving. He is working so hard...this is my job, to help him, to honor him, to make him garlic toast when he asks because he is too busy to do it himself. He is stressed trying to get it all done, sleeping very little.

So why was I mad? I am still not sure. Selfish motives? I had finally gotten the sick kid to bed, and I was surrounded by boxes to empty...maybe it's because he sent it too me in video form, that was kinda weird.

I had to clean out my heart. My husband is so deserving of honor, and being taken care of in love. So I pushed my attitude aside and made him toast. And he was so grateful and full of love when he came in and I handed it to him. Why would I ever not want to help him?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

uh oh.....crash

A small gasp, an, "uh-oh", and a major crash.
That's what I heard the other day while at work.
Thankfully the full filing cabinet that fell over did not injure anyone, but boy was it a spectacular noise.

Those words followed by a crash can mean so much.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where's My Half Gallon!!?

Dear Marketing Department of all the major food producers;

You all stink.

Whoever thought we as consumers are too dumb to notice not only your packaging getting smaller, but also the actual portions inside the packaging, well, SHAME ON YOU! I want my half gallon of ice cream back, a FULL HALF GALLON, not this 1.5 quart stuff. Seriously.

I know you have been doing this awhile, and I know ice cream isn't the only thing affected, but it is the one that really get me riled up.

That's all I currently have to say about that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Ten things I am so incredibly thankful for, no particular order:

3. Free apples and pears.
4. Nancy; Canning master.
5. Homemade Christmas presents (Any guesses as to what they might be?)
6. An incredibly strong husband, who is willing to speak my love language: Acts of service. There is nothing sexier than a man that says,"As you wish" when asked to grab another box or whatever.
7. Friends with trucks. GENEROUS friends with trucks.
8. Miraculous provision.
9. Furniture sliders. Little plastic things to go under heavy furniture, allowing you to slide it across carpeted floors, really work, brilliant!
10. Low Stress moves. Beautiful.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Shake It Up

I have a rehearsal tonight, instead of Thursday. We also have a trip to Tahoe to sing for a conference Wednesday night, with a stay over in the Embassy Suites! How cool is that? Love gigs that have stay overs in fabulous places. But all of this, combined with the move has me discombobulated. Will I think Tuesday is Friday, because practice is usually Thursday? I don't know.

Keeps me on my toes and my brain young, that's for sure.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good To Know

My son bounced into our room announcing he had found his missing wallet, and just how much money he now had. I was a little shocked at the number.

" How do you have so much? Are you sure you don't owe anyone money?"

"Mom, I don't owe anyone, in fact, some people owe me."

He went on to explain that his sisters each owed him a little bit and then this girl in Sunday School.

"Why does she owe you Spencer?"

"I sold her something, but don't worry, it wasn't information"

I am so happy to hear that my son isn't selling secrets.