Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuff, And More Stuff

I have a plan.
We have been given permission to move stuff into the new place, as long as we don't actually live there until the date agreed upon. This makes me very happy. To me, this means less stress. The whole . "Let's move it all in one day" is crazy. I have moved far too many times, sometimes while Aaron was on to Japan, (I am not even kidding). I don't like the stress of it.
So. I figure, take a few boxes, empty the bookcases, oops, get a few more boxes, keep emptying the shleves...dang, ran out of boxes again. Okay, finish packing up all the books, and plants and photos from the shelves and then take the bookcases an boxes straight over to the new house, put into place, unpack the boxes and bring them back home. repeat with DVD's, CD's, kitchen gear, etc. Byt the day we move we should have only some suitcases, one bok of basic kitchen gear, food and air mattresses...


Rainy season has apparently started.

I am still going to try my hardest to make this work. I want this place clean as a whistle before we are out. I need it to be less stressful. This is such a positive move for us all, and we are excited about it. With all the moves I have made, you'd think I am a pro...wait, I am a pro. I know what I am doing. I KNOW how to pack dishes and odd ball pieces. I know why my husband insists on keeping the boxes to any electronics we purchase. Boy howdy is that smart for us. I am a Tetris queen when packing up a box, trunk or truck. I am good at this, but I'd rather be baking you some cookies. Is that okay?

What was I talking about?
Oh, moving. :)
We just need enough non-rainy days and we will be good. I am going to go paint the new office when we can't move stuff. It will all work out.


Lori said...

I will pray for a string of non rainy days!

And I hear ya on the books.

And I love the expression "boy howdy!"

Dena said...

boy howdy, i'm praying for this right hoping that we can have some 'move in early days' comin' our way too.

Thany said...

What Lori said.