Friday, October 23, 2009


A WEEK! A week left until we actually get to live in the new place.

I know...
you are tired of hearing about this. But seriously, we live breathe and practically eat move, there isn't much else to blog about for me currently.

But let me say this,
I know a family. Long story short, they are hurting financially. They have applied for some assistance, especially medically. It was taking awhile to process, so they thought, well. we could get food stamps in the mean time, that way it could maybe leave enough to see a Dr. and get the Advair one of them know, to breathe.
They were denied...know why?

Their 22 year old daughter attend a private university.

Apparently there is a rule. Thing is, this is one extremely determined kid they had, who worked her butt off growing up to earn every scholarship and other award through 4-H, AWANA, and any other program so she could go to just such a university. One year she paid something like $1.52 to attend a private university, $1.52!!That's not even a gallon of milk.
Yet, there is no investigation, there is no re-course to prove that her attending this college isn't draining the money they could use on food.

How many people cheat or work the system so they don't have to really work or do anything everyday, and yet a real family who hit hard times is totally denied for being honest?

Makes me scratch my head in bewilderment.

In the mean time some prayer for asthma, injured legs with life long issues, and general prayer for my friends would be appreciated.

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