Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am one very excited woman.
Thing is, I pre-wrote this post, so I could be a frazzled mess right now, crying in the middle of the hopefully empty house trying to clean some spot off the carpet from an ink pen that was under sofa without it's cap on, for along time....But since we already moved the sofas out at this time, that won't happen.

So I say, I AM EXCITED. I am finally going to sleep in, live in, cook in, and do fabulous wonderful laundry in a clean bright room inside, my latest home.AAHH.

Thank you for bearing with me as my brain focused hard at the task at hand. I may have a sore back, but I will be smiling. Funny thing is. The house would be plain and ordinary to so many. But it's all relative. Compared to where I live, it's huge, and modern. I mean, it has DOUBLE PAINED WINDOWS! I know...seems like a simple thing, but they make such a difference, especially when it's, say, 27 outside, or snowing.

It's the little things that make me happy.
Well ,okay, I could handle some whopping big happy news, or blessings too, but seriously, the little things are all good.

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Ginny said...

Super happy for all of you!