Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Nine days! I am so excited. We have so much to do, but I don't care, the thought of doubling our square footage, and getting out own bathroom is so incredible, it keeps the moving process from getting overwhelming.

God is so good, and kind.
Have I mentioned my love of hydrangeas? There's a plant int he yard.
Have I mentioned that in every home we have owned I took out the basic faucet and replaced it with one with the sprayer built in? This house has it. In fact I didn't know it at first until I washed off some grapes from the yard...I almost cried.

He is that good.
We matter to him. And though my JOY does not come from stuff and things, He is kind enough to throw in a few things that I do love and enjoy....

I have done nothing to earn it, or deserve it, His grace and mercy are amazing, and I am thankful.

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