Sunday, October 25, 2009


The 3ish car garage is not attached to the house. It has sliding doors kinda like a barn. It's interesting to say the least. A large office and a smaller office were created when the owners still ived here and ran their business from the home. This is before they built the their new house on the property. Over the years as various people rented this house they used it for different things. The smaller office looks like it was used for storage, of maybe car things, not sure. The larger one, at one point, was used as a playroom. Right now it just looks like a home for cobwebs and dirt. A major cleaning is in order, and some painting. We are gathering supplies and gearing up. It's an interesting thing to finally have a space that we have freedom to decorate, and utilize for a music studio. We want it cool, and comfortable. It has to be completely usable as well. Right now it has cement flooring, so carpet is being sought. All of this is of course on a budget of ZERO. For zero, perhaps up to $10 we will transform this space.

When it is finished I will post before and after photos.

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Misty said...

that is SO cool!