Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today, all day, I will be sitting outside trying to sell some stuff. Our church is sponsoring a "Community Lot Sale and Coat drive". The coats are being donated to Salvation Army who helps those in need. The money to rent your space to sell stuff is being donated to them as well for their REACH program to help those in need pay off their heating bills. This program works with our local energy provider. So I will sit outside, and maybe get a little chilly, to help keep someone warm this winter.

During my non-blogging time (and break from Face Book as well) I made several new scarves and some hats as well to try and sell this weekend. We cleaned out Spencer's stuffed animals and little kid books, keeping some favorites(including all Boyton books) for when I am a grandma, many, many, years from now. As I pack and clean out the garage I will keep in mind what might bring in a dollar or two.

I might not have much compared to some...but I am rich in comparison to so many. God will always provide for my needs, maybe not my wants, but all that I need. So I'm working on getting rid of fear of not having enough, and stepping out to share more generously with those that need it.


Dena said...

love this, so what God is working on me as well. thank you.

Thany said...

Beautiful. It is so easy to tell ourselves that we need something when we forget that there might be another who needs it more!

And on behalf of your future grandbabies, thank you for keeping your Boynton books. You just can't grow up without them!

Heather said...

Too funny; I just included a Boynton illustration in my entry today :)