Friday, October 30, 2009


The house is now our home.
Spencer puked in it.

Poor kid. Horrible headache, throat pain, fever and then , last night, puking. That seems to be done now, (PRAISE GOD).
We aren't a family that usually throws up, it was kinda weird. Jenelle was torn between compassion for him and running away as to not be triggered. I can understand that.
I woke up this morning with a headache, I am telling myself it's because of all the moving. The dust, and all that. Plus my back hurts, so I am out of alignment, so therefore, my head would hurt. Yep. I AM NOT GETTING WHATEVER HE HAS. And that's final.

He still has a fever.
His head doesn't hurt like last night, but it isn't all better either.
He is asking for food, so that's good. (We are going easy, BRAT stuff).

I hope he is better by tomorrow. That would be a little sad.


Ginny said...

Get well quick Spencer! And Carol, keep practicing that mind or matter.

Ginny said...

over matter.....