Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And He Has A Machete

Spencer: "Hey Jenelle, what would you do if someone came and attacked you with a machete?"

Jenelle: "Dye."

Spencer: "No, really. If someone jumped out with a machete what skills would you use to defend yourself?"

Jenelle: "If he was jumping out at me he'd probably get me and I'd be dead"

Spencer: "Seriously , what if you could see him coming first?"

Me: "I say it depends on the guys machete skills, maybe he isn't very good at waving a machete"

That's when I shook my head that we were having this conversation at all...


Ginny said...

I just love that kid.

Heidi said...

A & J really know how to push his buttons, don't they? Hilarious.