Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Break

I am needing a bit of Blog break.
Which is obvious from my lack of writing lately.
I am going to recharge, re-connect...and I'll be back

And hopefully
See ya then.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Send some birthday love!

I have a friend.
Long story super short, she moved to Utah, she's funny,witty, and quite frankly, looking for some birthday comment love.

Here's her post.
See what you can do to help, okay?
Thanks I owe you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And He Has A Machete

Spencer: "Hey Jenelle, what would you do if someone came and attacked you with a machete?"

Jenelle: "Dye."

Spencer: "No, really. If someone jumped out with a machete what skills would you use to defend yourself?"

Jenelle: "If he was jumping out at me he'd probably get me and I'd be dead"

Spencer: "Seriously , what if you could see him coming first?"

Me: "I say it depends on the guys machete skills, maybe he isn't very good at waving a machete"

That's when I shook my head that we were having this conversation at all...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

I am so very thankful for:

1. Firefighters.
2. CDF specifically, fighting wildfires that took over 60 homes Sunday in my town. One guy in the news was mad at them for not saving could have been a lot worse and a lot bigger. Thing is, he kept saying "I was watching it when it started and it was getting closer and I was wondering where they were" but did he call? Makes me wonder if everyone else just thought someone else must have called by now...

3. Music, and hard core musicians.
4. The honor to get to sing with them.
5. The honor of directing a choir of dedicated people just praising and having fun...
6. Curling irons, hair spray, etc. & extra people around that like to help me find new looks.*
7. Ross (not always, but I happened to find 2 great shirts last week, just in time).
8. Throat discs. Soothing relief when you push your voice a little too hard, or it's dry outside...or smoky.
9. Bowen therapy, I couldn't have directed that choir with my unique style without hard core prayer and some Bowen therapy to get my shoulder working again!
10. The fact that some of you are now wondering what my unique directing style is.....;)

* For the record, I usually do not spend a whole lot of time using these items. I have fun when it's time to get dressed up for something. Thing is, people go crazy when I make the effort...does that mean I look so horrible the rest of the time? Not sure what to think about that. :)