Monday, August 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday, Movies

I may have done this before, but I simply don't have the time, nor the energy to go searching it out...These are movies I am thankful exist.
They either made me laugh good and hard, made me cry or long for love, or perhaps made me think.

In no particular order.

1. Princess Bride. Most of my entire family can quote the whole thing. It has been watched many times over at family gatherings. We love it, it is brilliant. And they did a wonderful job adapting it from the book.
2. When Harry Met Sally, except for the "pre-marital relations" this is kinda the story of Aaron and I....if we were one of the couples in the vignettes it would end with "and 12 1/2 years later we were married".
3. Trouble In Paradise, 1934 version. One valentines day Aaron and I went out on a date. We had dinner, but because it took a long time we missed the showing of the movie we wanted to see. We couldn't keep our sitter up forever so we opted for walking around Balboa Park (we lived in the San Diego area at the time). We happened upon the photographic arts museum still open and looked around, but noticed a small crowd gathering. They were showing this old movie. It was great and entertaining, and because we love the era of style it was a treat for us. Aaron found it on DVD in a following year as a gift. It's a treat to watch together now.
4. The Usual Suspects. Brilliant. (I can't say more or I'd give something away!)
5. Tombstone. I LOVE Sam Elliot's voice, and I don't care that he is dying of Tuberculosis and underhanded, Doc Holiday, mmmmm mmmmmm.
6. The Incredibles. Pixar, you rock.
7. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Some people can't handle it, but I find it fascinating. It opens up a world of conversations.
8. Labrynth
9. Sliding Doors...two alternate lives just by changing one little it.
10.Here's where it's hard.....StarWarsANewHopeRaidersofTheLostArkMatrixFamilymanFindingNemoBeachesSteelMagnoliasCatchMeIfYouCanGoodWillHuntingFightClubBolt...oh this list could get way out of control.

What's your favorite movie(s)?


Misty said...

Great List. Eternal Sunshine is one of my favorites too. LOVE it...

MomOfDudes said...

Great list, I can never say "I mean it" in my house without someone saying "Anyone want a peanut?"

My fave is Wedding Singer. I could watch the last five minutes over and over again...

Thany said...

Awesome list...especially Number 10.
And I am always in the debt of AG for the introduction to Usual Suspects.

Heidi said...

I loved Sliding Doors too! Have you seen Passion of Mind starring Demi Moore? Similar premise, alternate realities...fascinating.