Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten on nearly Wednesday

School starts much sooner than I thought, so I have it on the brain today:

1. For Helene,or Student Adviser, she is very helpful in getting started again for this school year.
2 For the super nice patient women that work in the Brighter Child store in Sacramento. Whew, I was there a long time, asking a million questions.
3. To the customer in said store that spoke up, she said exactly what I needed to hear to make the final choice. Thank you.
4. Homeschooling options.
5. Future field trips. :) Like to the river, to learn about geology, and the power of evaporative cooling.
6. PJ day, whenever we want.
7. Lack of "Tea Bag Tuesdays" or "Flip up Thursdays" like I have been hearing goes on in the middle and high schools here. (If you don't know what it means, trust me, it's bad)
8. The lack of 14,000 pieces of paper coming home, each week.
9. Electives! Class room time and experience with subjects that are harder for me to teach at home, Yippee!
10. Freedom. To choose, this means for anyone that send the kids to public too. It's all personal. We pray each year and listen for God to answer how to educate our child. If it was time to send him to public, we would.


Heather said...

Great list!

I have seriously considered home-schooling my stepsons, as nowadays public schools are only about teaching to the test (courtesy of NCLB). Unfortunately, with our lovely economy, I can't afford not to work outside the home right now. I'll just have to make sure I plan some fun curriculum-related activities to do with them at home to counteract the boredom of drill-and-kill at school.

Misty said...

this is a great list... The fact that it took me 5 days to get here should count for something. :)

Heidi said...

When are you starting? Mine went back today.