Monday, August 10, 2009

Raise It.

This is our last week of true summer vacation. I say "true" because with the freedom of the home schooling schedule we can easily still do summer activities instead of being tied down to the school bell.

During dinner we discussed what we might like to do in these last few days. J has 3 days off so I invited her to join us and give suggestions...

J: "I haven't been to Lake Tahoe yet"
Me: "We could do that. What do you think Spencer?"
S: "Yeah! Can I bring someone?"
Me: "Maybe. J, do you want to bring someone?"
Her eyes grew wide, I knew she wanted to bring B, together they are very silly and loud, but fun.
Me: "So Spencer, who would you bring?"
S: "I was thinking the Zabs"


Me: "Spencer, they live 9 hours away, they only go to Tahoe if they are visiting Reno".
He groaned and lifted his fist into the air, shaking it,and mumbled something.
Me: "What was that?"

S: "The fist of agony."


Misty said...

SO funny...

I love Tahoe.

Thany said...

Tell Spencer we are on our way.

(Oh how I love him. Have I ever said that in this blog?)

Heidi said...

How about a visit to AZ? I know of a place you could stay ;)