Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once again...

This was Monday.

First day of 5th grade.

So far it's been a crazy year with last minute curriculum changes and whatnot but it's smoothing out to be a good year.


Thany said...

Dear Spencer-

You are growing up too fast and Inga doesn't like it. While you still give hugs that are delightfully too tight and play with Legos and will pretend to single handedly battle the Empire with your toy light sabre in the backyard, you are waaay too far away from being that not so tiny baby that I used to find any excuse to snuggle and hold and wish was my own.

Fix it.
Love you,

Misty said...

How adorable is he???

We start the fifth grade in, well, about 3 weeks. All of our curriculum isn't here yet, and I have a rough outline but am trying to be less rigid... we'll see.

glad things are shaping up there!