Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, My Job

This is a thankful ten about all my jobs, paid and non-paid.

1. The benefits of raising my own kids.(both)
2. Truly helping others.(both)
3. That I have one at all.(paid)
4. I work for my Lord, my best friend, my friend, and my church. (both)
5. I can take Spencer to work, and it really is okay. (Paid)
6. Extra hours. (mostly paid, but both)
7. Xerox machines. :) (paid)
8. Organizing, re-arranging, making order out of chaos. (BOTH!)
9. Being someone that others can really depend on. (both)
10. Time to blog. (ALL)

If anyone knows a good linking system, let me know, I do still want to give an opportunity to others to share thankful 10's!

If you have one, mention it in the comments!!
Thanks! I appreciate it! ;)

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