Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"That Child"

Six and a half years ago a dear close friend of mine gave birth to a sweet, little blond baby boy. A very exciting time had by all.

Shortly there after I was with another very close friend, and we were going to visit Thany and said baby boy in the hospital. Spencer was only 2, too young to go in to visit,and I had to check if my daughters could come in as well. So while I went to check my very white, red headed friend, and her Irish blooded daughters, as well as his own sisters, watched Spencer in the family waiting area. They played with him, and enjoyed their time together.

An African American family walked by, coming to visit someone they knew. Saw my red headed friend with my very obviously not white child and sneered, turned and loudly commented to her companions , "That's what's wrong with white people taking care of black children, they don't know anything about being black"....And other comments that aren't necessary to repeat. I am bewildered at what she thought was "white play" verses "black play". Perhaps it was the beads on the wires? The toy truck? Perhaps a book being read about a trip to Grandmas, or the Alphabet?

I am white.
I am his BIOLOGICAL mother.
I have every right to raise that child.
And she has no right to verbally make an opinion known that racist about my son and my friend, but she did it, just the same.

One (meaning all y'all and me too) should be careful what we speak, or how we react, when we do not know for a fact certain things...

Fact is, even if he were not biologically mine, why stand in judgment of anyone loving and raising a child of any nationality, color,or condition? That child needs love and protection, nourishment and shelter, they need to feel safe and be taught about this world. When the time is right they will be taught their heritage. We are firstly HUMAN, the need to categorize beyond that...why? I have learned traditional dishes from the heritage of my ancestors, but I do not run around with a sense pride of that culture, not willing to interact with other cultures. Why should it be any different? Why is it racism if I do it, but not if they do? I am calling a spade a spade.

My good friend "Mrs. Doozleberry" is going through a not so smooth trans-racial adoption of a sweet as sugar baby boy. Please read her blog as she encountered a racism issue, thankfully silent this time.

Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, My Job

This is a thankful ten about all my jobs, paid and non-paid.

1. The benefits of raising my own kids.(both)
2. Truly helping others.(both)
3. That I have one at all.(paid)
4. I work for my Lord, my best friend, my friend, and my church. (both)
5. I can take Spencer to work, and it really is okay. (Paid)
6. Extra hours. (mostly paid, but both)
7. Xerox machines. :) (paid)
8. Organizing, re-arranging, making order out of chaos. (BOTH!)
9. Being someone that others can really depend on. (both)
10. Time to blog. (ALL)

If anyone knows a good linking system, let me know, I do still want to give an opportunity to others to share thankful 10's!

If you have one, mention it in the comments!!
Thanks! I appreciate it! ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

After Update...

Update again...

The event went really well. We were in the shade, it was maybe 95, and there was sometimes a pleasant breeze. It was a great experience over all.
People really seemed to enjoy the music and some of these people need some joy in their lives. The are is very impoverished and full of those that live a life under the influence. This little tiny church, with a very dedicated pastor and his wife, who are both walking miracles, he living on the streets of Boston, and she having survived 9 aneurysms, is pouring itself out onto these people and seeing miracles.

We will go back in December to perform during their outreach of a meal and toys for the kids for Christmas. We did that this last year as well.

So that's my update.
My feet may hurt. I may be worn out from the heat. My car might not have A/C anymore. But I have grace and freedom in the salvation from God, so I have a lot to be thankful for.

And He Should Know...

My husband asked me if he could be a guest blogger today.
I, of course, said yes...

Out of the mind of Aaron:

The Professor Gates Arrest:

I don't know exactly what happened in this case but I am black, and this has been my experience. When I was younger I lived in Pasadena and worked in Seal Beach. I was a musician and I'd often drive around South Pasadena (which is really upscale) to wind down after gigs. I was stopped twice. Young black man driving around aimlessly in a neighborhood in which I didn't live at 3:00 in the morning with a load of music gear in the backseat. Both times I was respectful to the officers and there was no incident.

Another time I was working on my car outside the church in which I worked in Seal Beach. My legs were sticking out of the car and friends from church that lived two doors down saw "someone" messing with my car and called the police. The officer came up to me with his gun drawn an ordered me out of the car. I did what I was told. My ID was inside my office and I asked the officer if I could get it. He checked my name against the registration and it matched. As he was checking everything out he said "You're not freaked out by this." (or something like that). I just said "no". He did his job which was to check out the situation. I did my job which was to let him. And everything worked out.

The first mistake any person of any color makes is to challenge a police officer.
1. Most cops, like everybody else, want to do their job and get home alive. (For them that could be a real issue on any given day.)
2. If you do as a person of color come across a a truly racist cop, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM THE EXCUSE TO MESS WITH YOU? There is racism out there but in every situation you have a choice. You can make the situation better or worse by how you react. I've had encounters with the law throughout my life and I've never given the law a reason mess with me. I'm not a fool. I know it happens that innocent people get hassled. But I've never seen where losing your cool would help your situation.

Addendum: Crayl and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World which is technically in the south. We spent the week there with not a single nasty look that I notice. (And I try to be aware because I know "IT'S" out there) We got home to San Diego and went out to breakfast, the black waitress wouldn't acknowledge Crayl and the black ladies seated behind me talked about us throughout the entire meal...

As much as I've dealt with racism from whites in my lifetime I've seen much more of it from blacks. Dr. King would be disgusted and frankly so am I. Yes, it's out there, but it is not a one way street.

Just putting it out there. But one last thing. Years ago I heard a black schoolgirl in Los Angeles call in to the Dennis Prager show and say she doesn't take her books home or answer questions in class because she didn't want to be hassled (at best) for trying to be "white". That's one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


New forecast for tomorrow is 93! 93!!!!!!!!!
God is good.

It is currently no where near 105 degrees where I live. It is a very nice Summer day at 90 or so.

Saturday, however, I will drive an hour, with no A/C, help set up, then perform 2 one hour sets, possibly in direct sun, then tear down and drive an hour home, with no A/C. Projected temps for the journey? 103-105. I know God will meet us there, and I am praying for miracles and breakthroughs.

I am also expecting to drink a LOT of water and pee very little if not at all. TMI? Nah...that's just life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Life has been busy. This time of year I am busier at work, and things around me have gotten, well, interesting. Being thankful is still one of the best ways to keep from falling into depression, but also to ward of self pity, or ward off too much pain from a broken heart(I am speaking for myself on that one).

Ten things I am thankful for, because they make me laugh and thereby lift my spirits.

1. A specific large billed Blue Duck.
2. A specific, ridiculous, pink cross.
Both items 1 and 2 are articles that are passed back and forth, sneakily, cleverly, between myself and a couple friends. I have heard stories of roll, a fruitcake, a gnome, and other items being passed around families and friends in a similar fashion.

3. Movies.Wrong, but funny, movies.
4. Typos that result in questionable motives.
5. Slips of the tongue, right at the wrong moment.:)
6. People watching, especially somewhere touristy.
7. Spencer and his brilliance.
8. Calvin and Hobbes
9. Fake mustaches
10. Good friends.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Soft and Mushy

I held a baby last night.
I held an eleven week old baby that looked like a Veggie Tale french pea. A sweet round face and dark little eyes. Perfect toes, soft creamy skin, and oh, a smile and little laugh that just might kill you. As I held her and spoke sweetly she responded with a giant toothless smile and started vocalizing back. It was soft and clear and she was quite pleased with herself that she was doing it.

She melted my heart.

There are two babies around here right now, the other being maybe 5 weeks. They can both bring forth yearnings, and satisfy them. It is such a treat to see them, hold them, love on them...and as hard as it is...hand them back. :)

I am going to make a great grandma someday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am thankful for:
(in no particular order)

1. FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Mercy.
4. That I finished creating all the music packets for all the events this summer, several concerts and other outreaches, WOO!
5. For my friends Erin's (AKA Chuck) fabulous volunteer job at Spirit West Coast...she is transporting the bands to and from the cool is that?
6. Watermelon, when it is hot, nothing hits the spot and cools you off like a good cold melon.
7. That I do not have to live UNDER my circumstances.
8. JOY!
9. MH, a friend that is helping us re-build our computer. Thank you sir.(He's also a great drummer)
10. Toby Mac Live. That album cranked up in the car just really speaks to me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


It has come to my attention that most people(myself included) seem to say the word iron wrong.

Most people say I-Ern, or I-Urn.
If one was to say I-Ron, one might sound uneducated. Which in itself is a fascinating concept.

And I do believe, might be a true example of irony (i-rony, not i-erny).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten ...

It's not working this week.
Many aspects of life have crumbled on top of me this week and I just can't clear enough rubble to make a list. I am still thankful...I just don't have the strength right this minute.

Help me.

What are you thankful for?