Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Booties, Beanies and Blankets, Oh My.

My heart has been so touched by Craft Hope recently. I have followed along as so many people made little dolls for the Casa Bernabe orphans. The little dolls filled the authors living room. These dolls will make such an impact on their lives, and perhaps help them nurture in a way that they maybe missed out on.

There's a new project.
You can knit, crotchet, or sew this one.

Because these are going to India, they are looking for lightweight items, cotton preferably. I am still going to do this project.

Won't you please consider helping out?

Craft Hope Project 3

Here is an excerpt from Jade's post:

"Now think about it… “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives ME…” These children are Christ in the flesh. They have been persecuted as he has. They have been beaten up by the world as he has. They are Christ. So think about it for a minute. If you were preparing for a trip where you were going to meet the creator of the universe itself, what would you do? Other than go shopping for a new outfit and get your hair cut, you would probably prepare a gift. And you would probably agonize over if it was the right gift, the perfect gift, the best gift you could give. You would not offer Him the holey t-shirts we no longer wear, or a mismatched set of sheets that your grandmother gave you eons ago and are now about threadbare. Or old tired, worn out sneakers your children do not wear any longer. We tend to think that it really doesn’t matter what we give to orphans, that they will be appreciative of whatever they can get. And they are. Believe me. But as the givers, we are called to them our very best. I give my children the very best I can. They deserve my best! These children are no different. They deserve the best! Don’t they deserve the best food? The cleanest water? The softest bed? The prettiest doll? They deserve the best. Christ deserves our best!"

She is so right. And though I could not sew the last project, I can crotchet for this next one. A baby beanie takes just a wee bit of time. I've never made a baby blanket, but I will try.

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