Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As I look around the corners of my mind for things to write about, I keep finding a big brick wall. I am so not enthused about it.

Is my life full of interesting conversations and goings on? YES!
Does my son still say witty and hysterical things? YES!
Can I remember anything when I sit down to write? NO!

The thing is, I don't want this to be a general journal of my life. I love doing research and actually writing about things that are interesting, or could help another human out. I want to make a difference, even if it is small.

For instance...
Anyone know how to get silly putty out of denim? AFTER it's been through the dryer?

I don't know yet either...but I WILL!

I have several essays that I will publish here in a while. They aren't ready, and I have more research to do. In the mean time life goes on. Summer activities have started. The garden is growing. I have started walking the track in the evenings and I am on a baking kick, again, which seems counter-productive to the track thing.

All this to say, I am back, even if I am not ready, even if I have to face those bricks and take them down one at a time.I will break through and move on.