Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten On Tuesday, Regeneration

I am thankful for (in NO particular order)

1. Old friends, and friends I have had a long time. They are both really special.
2. Skin that heals, bodies that fight off stuff...it's amazing.
3. Second chances,sometimes 3rd, (or more), to make something right,or live in joy.
4. Forgiveness,
5. Mercy, and
6. Grace!
7. Showers, to wash off what ails you and start fresh.
8. Sunshine, it's very cleansing.
9. Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold.
10. Sleep. A great bed, a cool night...aaaahhhhh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Booties, Beanies and Blankets, Oh My.

My heart has been so touched by Craft Hope recently. I have followed along as so many people made little dolls for the Casa Bernabe orphans. The little dolls filled the authors living room. These dolls will make such an impact on their lives, and perhaps help them nurture in a way that they maybe missed out on.

There's a new project.
You can knit, crotchet, or sew this one.

Because these are going to India, they are looking for lightweight items, cotton preferably. I am still going to do this project.

Won't you please consider helping out?

Craft Hope Project 3

Here is an excerpt from Jade's post:

"Now think about it… “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives ME…” These children are Christ in the flesh. They have been persecuted as he has. They have been beaten up by the world as he has. They are Christ. So think about it for a minute. If you were preparing for a trip where you were going to meet the creator of the universe itself, what would you do? Other than go shopping for a new outfit and get your hair cut, you would probably prepare a gift. And you would probably agonize over if it was the right gift, the perfect gift, the best gift you could give. You would not offer Him the holey t-shirts we no longer wear, or a mismatched set of sheets that your grandmother gave you eons ago and are now about threadbare. Or old tired, worn out sneakers your children do not wear any longer. We tend to think that it really doesn’t matter what we give to orphans, that they will be appreciative of whatever they can get. And they are. Believe me. But as the givers, we are called to them our very best. I give my children the very best I can. They deserve my best! These children are no different. They deserve the best! Don’t they deserve the best food? The cleanest water? The softest bed? The prettiest doll? They deserve the best. Christ deserves our best!"

She is so right. And though I could not sew the last project, I can crotchet for this next one. A baby beanie takes just a wee bit of time. I've never made a baby blanket, but I will try.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As I look around the corners of my mind for things to write about, I keep finding a big brick wall. I am so not enthused about it.

Is my life full of interesting conversations and goings on? YES!
Does my son still say witty and hysterical things? YES!
Can I remember anything when I sit down to write? NO!

The thing is, I don't want this to be a general journal of my life. I love doing research and actually writing about things that are interesting, or could help another human out. I want to make a difference, even if it is small.

For instance...
Anyone know how to get silly putty out of denim? AFTER it's been through the dryer?

I don't know yet either...but I WILL!

I have several essays that I will publish here in a while. They aren't ready, and I have more research to do. In the mean time life goes on. Summer activities have started. The garden is growing. I have started walking the track in the evenings and I am on a baking kick, again, which seems counter-productive to the track thing.

All this to say, I am back, even if I am not ready, even if I have to face those bricks and take them down one at a time.I will break through and move on.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I don't know why it's 15, seems excessive to me. Do your best. Not all of mine are "new to me"...but still really good reads.

Thank you to Dena over at Happily Ever After for including me in her lovely list! Dena you are a sparkly spot in my life!

Okay, here ya go:

Food blogs, some healthy, some dangerous for the waistline:

1. Bake At 350
2. The Knead For Bread
3. A Year of Crockpotting
4. Pioneer Woman Cooks
5. Cheap Healthy Good
6. Epi Cute, The Cute Food Blog

True Life Blog, overcoming tragedy.

7. Scott and Carol Decker About a year ago, during the birth of their 2nd beautiful daughter, something went terribly wrong in Carol's body. She is extremely lucky to still be alive, but whatever went wrong took her sight, and a few limbs in the process. The dad stepped up to the plate, as well as many family member, friends, and strangers, to help this little family survive the ordeal. They are still dealing with health issues, and huge medical bills.

If you only check out one of these blogs, make it this one! Then pass it along to anyone you might know that could help! Please...

8. Craft Hope People made dresses , and now dolls for poor little girls in the world. HELP THEM! They have 3 weeks until the deadline for the little dolls. Check out the site.

Other blogs I read every time they post;

9. Always Room For One More, as the mom of 3 bio, and 3 adopted kids, this woman's blogs are full of life and hilarity. Did I mention she (due to widowhood) is a single mom?

10. Out Of The Schubox, my friend Heidi is new to blogging, I'd love to see her encouraged to keep writing.

11. Falling Out Of The Wardrobe. Smart wit, hilarious tails of real life. And a dear friend.

12. Cake Wrecks, fabulous for a good laugh, and on Sundays, truly lovely and inspirational cakes.

13. Rainy Day in May Although I missed meeting her in real life by "this much" she has become a friend over blogland. She writes on a variety of subjects with a very natural and readable style.

14. Living In a Fishbowl. A natural writer as well, and a hilarious almost 3 year old, plus an adoption in progress, that has turned into a giant court battle (certainly not by their choosing)...makes for a very interesting blog.

For something different and artsy:

15. Little People, A Tiny Street Art Project. Truly fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten On Tuesday, IDAHO

After a successful, enjoyable trip to Idaho, I find myself thankful for the following, no particular order.

1. The 7 people living in this house. The love they share, the servant's hearts they have, and the hospitality they showed.
2. Soft 9 month old baby skin, 3 toothed grins, and big kisses.
3. Honest, in your face, grit through the hard stuff conversations.
4. Thunder storms.
5. Homemade ranch dressing.
6. Cherry butter cookies, lovingly handmade by Tiffany...YUM!
7. Sunshine until 10pm. Weird, but cool
8. An acre of grass...at their house, so 5 boys could play, and 2 mommies and a baby girl could enjoy the shade.
9. The good laugh that occurred after we were asked "Can we have a controlled burn?" by one of the 8 1/2 year olds,sent to ask no doubt by the other one. (Um, NO!)
10. That somewhere in Idaho there is a woman that was introduced to true friendship...and she says it's because of me. :)

What are you thankful for?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

X. Haust. Ed.

Pardon me while I gather my thoughts and get a bit of sleep.
The trip to Idaho was fabulous.
I'd love to do it again really soon (Did you read that Misty? I will come back!).

Words to the wise:
In a household of 6 males, wear your shoes in the bathroom.
You should always look before you sit, which I do...thankfully.
Hide your brush, toothbrush and glass of juice if you want to keep them to yourself.
It's much safer to get out a new towel everyday, than to speculate what the hanging one was used for last.
Quiet time is only late at night, when you are the only one awake.
Just because you had a half bag of chocolate chips up in the cupboard yesterday, doesn't mean you will have them today.
When standing next to a 6'5" 14 year old, 5'7" is considered short.
When someone says "Close your eyes" it is wise to do so...
unless they are standing right in front of you grinning, and follow it with "and stick out your hands"
An open bag of chips, is an empty bag of chips.
The food channel will knock out a 3 year much faster than a show about under water stuff.