Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thankful Ten Tuesday!

"It was hard, but I did it, and now it's done"
And I am THANKFUL, not only that it is done, and I survived, but for the journey and what I learned.

1. Childbirth. Twins being pushed out, son being C-section. Whew.
2. Although you are NEVER really done, I have 2 of my children into adulthood. Many years of their childhood I was a single mom. I was not all alone because of support from my family and fabulous group of friends, but I was alone in the home, I was the bottom line, total decision maker.
3. Moving, 18+ times in 20 years.
4. Leading worship at women's retreat. That was a first as the leader, I have assisted for years, and now I feel equipped to do it again.
5. Getting my BA, with kids. ADVICE: Get it done before kids.
6. Facing Debt. Okay, it's not over, but we have jumped some major hurdles now...we are on our way. ADVICE: Don't do anything that will result in debt. Even a house or a college degree may not be a good idea.
7. Hearing, and acting on, information that someone hurt my daughter. It is by the grace of God alone that that man is still alive.
8. Miscarriage. Those who know, know. Those who don't, ... praise God.
9. Divorce. I am not proud or thankful that I HAD to get a divorce, but I am thankful it was an option, and that I was able to marry the right man for me later.

10. Depression. Sometimes, I feel it's ugly spiny fingers tapping me on the back, trying to hold me, ready to drag me under into the abyss again. It will never drag me there again.

Which is why I have this Thankful list to begin with.

Your list doesn't have to be like mine...you could write a list of your 10 favorite flowers ...just be thankful!

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Misty said...

wow... this was a pretty meaty list. Good for you. And so true about debt- even the house buying part.