Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thankful Ten On Tuesday

I am attending a Writer's Conference, right now. Yesterday was the first of 3 days filled with encouragement, advise, instruction and wisdom. More on that later...

1. Generosity of friends. Without it I couldn't be here.
2. Generosity of other friends, to watch my kid so I could be here.
3. Friends with air conditioning in their cars. (It was maybe 100 yesterday here)
4. Hotel breakfasts, it may not be the most grand, but a humble breakfast to get going is a good thing.
5. Bananas.
6. Vitimin Water 10...sweetened with Stevia, YEA! Something I can drink! (other than water) while I am out and about! (The other thing is Starbuck passion iced tea, woohoo!)
7. Humor. Delight in listening to a speaker is a wonderful thing.
8. Prayer team at Bethel in Redding, who pray over everyone in attendance, and ask blessings on you as you enter the rooms, you can feel the difference.
9. Cushy chairs.
10. Books. Stories. Essays. Blogs.

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Heather said...

Great list! Hope you're having a wonderful time!