Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thankful Ten on Tuesday-Guest Blogger!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce our guest blogger for today, Bethany Zabrosky from Falling out of the Wardrobe.......

Helloooo Carol's readers! I am honored to be blogging for today's Thankful Ten on Tuesday! And without further ado, here it is!

Thankful Ten on Tuesday...10 Beverages I am Thankful For

10. Squirt.....I love Squirt. It is best in the 20 ounce bottle and I am thankful for it because of the memory it brings me when I drink it. When she first got her license, my friend Shannon and I would drive to the local Vons for Ben and Jerry's ice cream and hope to steal a look at the cute bagger we both had a little crush on. I would also grab a bottle of Squirt. On the way home, I was able to drink the whole bottle and burp with every gulp. It grossed Shannon out but it made both of us laugh.

9. Milk. It's yummy. It must be consumed so cold it might give you a headache. It gives my bones strength and I like bone strength.

8. Iced Tea...I can't drink it without thinking of a group of girls (Carol is one of them!) who used to meet me at Denny's once a month for almost 5 years. We'd drink iced tea, eat salads or fried mozerella sticks or ice cream and and we'd laugh and cry and carry each other through some big issues. These gals are my rock and I think of them each time I drink iced tea.

7. Diet Coke... It's the nectar of life. It runs through my veins.

6. Diet Dr Pepper... This one too.

5. Gatorade...When I walked the Breast Cancer 3 Day with my friend Amy, we trained like crazy and watched all the training videos and somehow ignored the part that told us to drink water and Gatorade equally. After Day One of drinking all water for 20 miles of walking, we couldn't figure out why it felt like our bones were rubbing together. My hubby had to remind me. On Day Two I was VERY thankful for Gatorade NOT making my bones feel like they were rubbing together.

4. Green Tea Latte with Soy...it is my "go to" Starbucks order and I am thankful that even when money is tight and I can scrape enough together for a Sbux treat, my GTL is always so welcoming and lovely and comforting to my soul.

3. Barq's Root Beer...see numbers 7 and 6. Barq's has Bite!

2. Water...I am thankful for water. It is not my favorite drink. I don't drink nearly enough of it and the people who drink it exclusively are amazing in my eyes. But I love how my skin looks when I drink it, how I feel when I am putting enough of it in my body and how cute my one year old looks drinking it out of an oversized sippy cup.

1. Tea...I love tea. It is my "coffee." I am thankful for tea and how my hubby likes to buy it for me when he visits other cities. I love how tea's very existance (or non-existance, in this case) calls for my daughter to dress up, pull out all her teddy bears and set a beautiful table. I love that tea does the same thing for even grown up girls too.

Thank you for the time this week Carol, and thanks for giving me the chance to put my own spin on the Thankful Ten on Tuesday! (Even though it's been feeling like Monday all day, or is that just me?!)


Lori said...

Oh, two of my favorite people on ONE blog. It might not get a whole lot better than that.

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