Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Room Full

The air was filled with anticipation, and the room was filling with people as well. We settled in to our seats waiting to be welcomed, greeting each other. I was surprised to see so many state abbreviations on the name tags, OK, AK, IL, TX, SC, goodness, that one said Aulstralia!

I could smell a combo of pleasant perfume, hand soap from the restrooms, and farts.
Someone near us had some gas they apparently could not contain any longer. The meeting started, we sang, we greeted some more, we sat and listened, and the waft of fart would occasionally show up again.

Later, in completely new seats, surrounded by completely new people, the waft reached my nostils again. This time someone had eaten eggs, oh goody.
Thankfully it did not last the whole meeting.

I had to laugh a little. Life is life.

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