Friday, May 8, 2009

Fine Tuning

I am being sponsored to go to a writer's seminar. It's in just under 2 weeks, about 3 hours from my home.

I am blown away by the generosity of the person sending not only me but another woman who needs to embrace writing. Our sponsor's gift of encouragement is astonishing.

I have been looking over the break out session options...should I take classes on the process of writing, the editing , or how to communicate with the publishing world? What will the main sessions include? Will I hear what I need to hear to get my tail in motion again?
Oh, the unknown!

I love the journey. I do. As much as I like to see results and be accomplished, the journey is a thrilling ride now. It isn't an "Are we there yet?" moment in my life. Look out the window, look at the scenery! Enjoy the changes you see and feel. I am NOT who I was in high school, I am NOT who I was in my 20's , I am NOT who I was a few years ago, and for that, I am thankful. How can someone ever claim , "Those were the best years of my life"?? How do they know? They still may be coming, look for them!

All this to say, I am thankful, and I am excited. I have no idea what's next but I am looking forward to the ride!

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