Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern;

Dear Tahachapi, Ca,

In an effort to find a quick lunch for my son and I we mistakenly took an exit leading into your town, stating that a quick lunch suitable establishment was not too far away. 25 minutes later, I finally found it.

I don't know who designed your streets, but I seriously don't appreciate the loop approach. Everytime I thought I was heading back to the freeway I ended up at the same place I started. In fact the only way I found our lunch restaurant was through pure luck. Not funny Tahachapians, not funny at all. Perhaps you are an ill humored group just looking to trap innocent travelers to increase your own population numbers against a rival town...I can see how frustrating it would be, and just giving up and living there. It is pretty and all...but it didn't work. I ESCAPED. So there.

Best regards towards your evil plans,


Ginny said...

I always wondered why my cousin and his family didn't move away from there! Now I know...he can't!

Misty said...

I've never been there but I'm completely intrigued...

MomOfDudes said...

Steve's parents used to live there... Bad Memories except that I once saw Johnny Mathis eating in a Diner.

They call it the city of four seasons maybe because it takes a year to find your way out of there. You know what? there is a maximum security prison there and maybe the city was designed to keep the prisonsers from escaping, first of all, there is nothing for miles and miles around and then the roads lead to nowhere... Hmmmmm

Thany said...