Monday, April 13, 2009

Thankful Ten Tuesday! PEOPLE!

Oh so very thankful:

1. Everyone involved in the yumminess that is ice cream. Many legends exist, but whomever, where-ever, whenever it was invented, yeah, I am thankful.
2. Whomever invented caramel too.
3. The person in line with the cart load that let's me go first when all I have is one or two items.
4. Truly helpful customer service representatives. Ones that keep their cool and know their stuff.
5. Cashiers and servers that are still friendly at the end of their shift.
6. Babies and toddlers that smile, wave and coo when I smile at them.
7. Leaders that not only know how to lead, but when to delegate and let others lead too...
8. Optimistic, hopeful, full of real joy people, they are such a delight to be around.
9. Librarians.
10.Massage Therapists. :)

Just in case any one out there posts a list this week, here is a way to link it up.
I want to be optimistic.
List one to ten things...just be thankful.

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