Monday, April 6, 2009

Thankful Ten List, My Daughter Moved Out

The title sounds evil doesn't it? Read on.

1. Now I can test if tissues with lotion are actually better than tissues without.
2. I can answer obscure phone calls with questions like, "What kind of pickles do I like?"
3. I can narrow down who's making the biggest messes around here.
4. I can test how well I did as a parent before the other two leave.
5. I have more to pray about, more prayer, more time with my Father.
6. One more person to send photo text when I see weird things.
7. Test the theory of Momtelepathy.
8. Have another reason to take road trips.
9. Perhaps, just maybe, she will let me be a friend on Facebook now....maybe.
10. I can watch her grow and mature as she gets ready to get married and really get started on a grand path set before her. I have nothing against staying home longer, but she needed this, it will help her. Marriage is a big adjustment, and having to truly take care of her own home, and cook and clean up after yourself, because no one else will, is really going to make the adjustment easier.

I miss her, but this is a good thing overall.

Anyone out there thankful for something?
Hard week? Try the Thankful Two Tuesday, it's okay, I will support you!

Bad Attitude? Try some Gratitude!


Misty said...

awe... Good for you! i love the balance of sad and happy... But you are right, important lessons and moments are to be learned before she is married...

Thany said...

I love her.
I love you.

What kind of pickles do I like??