Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh, I am still going to Idaho. The countdown might have just changed a wee bit.
I received a call today from the friends I am visiting, her oldest has the flu. She has 5 kids....
We are going to wait a specified incubation period of time to make sure he is the only one. Then we will decide if we are going on schedule, or not.



MomOfDudes said...

come by and pick me up along the way...I would LOVE to go to Idaho!!!

Dena said...

he-hee, i was just going to comment the same thang as troysie. hee-hee...but, really, please, swing by and pick me up, i'm right on your way, and i so miss those people. what a hoot we'd all have, cuz i know y'all can't have any fun unless i'm there. :o) hope you get to go SOON! hope ty doesn't give it to the rest of her brood. poor things. hope it ain't no pig flu.