Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey Just Born!

Dear Just Born-makers of Peeps,

I think maybe some attention needs to be directed to your kitchen, something is amiss back there and I fear a few people are slaking off at their jobs! *

Exhibit A:

I didn't know Old Grandma Peeps were available this year. I find it odd considering your company is called "Just Born".

Look at those wrinkles!

"Hey Mildred, Happy Easter!"

Exhibit B:

Um, when did you start making different genders?

Best Regards,

* This is in jest. I did contact the company about the wrinkled Peeps, they had no air fluffed in them, they were very weird. The company sent me a nice email and said something should be arriving in the mail in a few weeks! How fun is that? YAY for good customer service!!


Lori said...


Thany said...

Oh my gosh!!
Did you eat them?? They look so WEIRD!!

And you are flipping hilarious.

Crayl said...

I did NOT eat the wrinkled ones, well, I tried one, and they are seriously messed up. That's when I emailed the company, then I opened the bunnies...surprise! But they tasted fine, I got over it.