Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dentist Office or Animated Section of a Major Theme Park*

While in Arizona for a couple days, helping my daughter settle in, I took a drive up to Prescott to visit Heidi, a close friend since 3rd grade. We went to the same schools, the same church, and lived around the corner from each other growing up. She moved to South Carolina a bit after she got married, but worked for an airline, so I still got to see her. Much later, when we had moved to Arizona, she moved to Colorado. Not too long after that I got a call "Hey guess what? We are moving to Arizona!"
To which I had to answer, "Hey guess what? We are moving back to California."
It was a sad moment.

But we are still friends, and the visit was fabulous.
During my time with her she had to take her kids to the dentist. No big deal, we could still talk away while waiting. Now, I had seen this pediatric dentist office on a previous visit to Prescott, but from afar it just looked like a fun painted barn...

I had no idea...

In had a TV room, and a video game room, and the tile in the bathroom looked like fresh grass.It was fun, and the people were so nice.

I found out this office also had specially trained personnel for patients with Autism, or other conditions. One such older boy came in while we were there. The Dentist came out and spoke to the dad, wearing these fun pants...

Heidi's girls came out from the back with balloon swords and hats, and toys from a treasure box. Looking relaxed, happy, and with nicely cleaned teeth. I seriously wanted to get my teeth cleaned too.

* wink wink, you know, that little animated town within that D land.

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