Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Day Finally Arrived.

WARNING: PG material.

As Spencer and I finished up lunch today he started asking questions...

"Mom, how does color happen on a baby, I mean,say one parent is one color and then the other is something else, like you and dad...did Dad's DNA get passed through to you like when you kiss?"

"Um, no" I answer, turning a little red...I mean, he isn't clueless about all this, and he watches nature shows ...I continue, "It isn't when we kiss".

"Is it sperm?"

Whoa, how does he know that much, did I tell him that? Did a friend?

He continues, "Wait, but that's on eggs"
aaahhh nature shows...

"Actually Spencer, it is sperm"

"Does dad use his belly button or something. I mean milk comes from part of you(he makes a hand gesture towards my chest), is it a body part thing?"

"Spencer, that's what a penis is for"

He looks at me, acknowledges this fact,"That's why girls don't have them right?"
Then his face changes, an eyebrow shoots up and he asks
"You mean I am going to have to do something with it? What am I going to HAVE to do?"
He says this like he was told someday he is going to have to paint the house. I didn't laugh, on the outside anyway.

He continued before I had a chance to say anything, "So, you have to connect together somehow...I see" and he smiled.

I added in that this is something special that God intended for married people. He suddenly said,
"That's what they mean by having sex"

Like in the back of his mind he had been mulling around the mystical word..."SEX"...for awhile.

The conversation shifted to how the DNA forms a new pattern, and although the same parents can have many children that they can all look alike or very different. We spoke of different blood types and how the umbilical cord works. Whew.
For the moment he is satiated with new knowledge. He mentioned that he is surprised I waited this long to tell him all this. I answered that we waited for him to ask. To which he says , "I have wondered my WHOLE life!"

I love that kid.


Ginny said...

I love that kid too! When my son was 12 we finally had to tell him because he had never asked. We figured that wasn't something we wanted him to be clueless about all of his life, so we made the decision to tell him. Funny thing was that he was clueless. He had absolutely NO idea. He covered his head with a blanket and then when his dad was done talking, he slowly lowered the blanket to say, "Do I ever HAVE to do that?" Talk about not laughing on the outside, but I was truly rolling on the inside. Always amazes me how different kids are. Yours was contemplating it for all of his life and mine, well, the thought never entered his mind. :o)

Lori said...


MomOfDudes said...

I love that kid too! I will never forget my "Talks" with my sons.

Such a great memory

Thank God for blogs

Heather said...

That is so great! I laughed out loud! (Good thing I wasn't in the room at the same time you were giving the talk; I would have collapsed into giggles. I'm so mature.) You handled it so well!

So far, I haven't had "the talk" with any of my stepsons, except for a roundabout one with the youngest. (He's the most inquisitive.) When we were going to have our dog neutered, he asked if people have that done, too. I told him yes, but not in the same way as they do with dogs. He was very relieved that a certain part of his anatomy wasn't going to be chopped off someday if he ever chooses to go that route.

You never quite know what to expect with kids! :)

Missy Shell said...