Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thankful Ten Tuesday, Truth

I am in a weird spot. I am struggling daily, I am needing to listen to my own preaching. But I will succeed and I will not fall into the well again.


1. I am thankful the collections agency that is after us only calls 10-12 times a day, not 20-30.
2. I am thankful that the energy "earth saving" light bulb that blew up in my dining room ,that I cleaned up unknowingly, didn't poision us from all the mercury it apparently uses.
3. I am thankful for nearly bursting into tears all the time, because it means I am still alive, and my heart hasn't turned into a stone yet, or again.
4. I am thankful for crazy weather, because it takes my mind off other things to look at weird slush/snow falling followed by sunshine 30 minutes later.
5. I am extremely thankful for my husband's jobs.
6. I am thankful my husband is willing to work outside his field of expertise, for a fraction of what he is worth, or used to make.
7. I am thankful for a safe,soft, warm place to sleep at night.
8. I am thankful for food to eat, even if it isn't the healthiest, or wide in variety.
9. I am thankful for steadfast, loving family and friends that help bring joy into my life.
10. I am thankful to my creator that I was made with a purpose, that I have found Him, and my path here on earth. The road might be hard right now, but I am on the right road, and becuase I am certain of it, it makes it easier to keep fighting to go farther.

I am not having a link up today. If you post a ten I would very much like to see it, please leave a comment and I will visit.
Thank you.


Lori said...

Thank you for your thankfuls. They lift my spirits even though they come from a tough place.

Thany said...

I love you so much.

Misty said...

this was really, really great. Really.

Dena said...

i'm praying for you, thanks for your list, it was a blessing to me, so sorry that you're hurting right now.