Thursday, March 12, 2009



What has been the most memorable wedding favor you have ever received, or seen?

What was the most useful wedding favor?

What was the worst?

The search is on. How does one speak something about the couple, stay within budget, and still give something that would be appreciated to those that make the effort to come to a wedding?

Thanks for your input.


Ginny said...

The best wedding favors that I've seen are small bags set on a table filled with different size bowls of candy. All different types of candy that reflect the bride and grooms tastes. I've seen everything from skittles to truffles and everything in between. The bowls usually have a small scoop and people fill their own small bag with the types of candy that they like. There is no waste because people only take what they will eat or what they like. I have had several brides do this and I've been to two other weddings outside of our church where they did it. It's been my experience that misc. favors end up laying all around the church when the event is over because half of the people don't take them home. You can get inexpensive bowls at places like IKEA and the candy can be bought in bulk at Costco etc.

MomOfDudes said...

My aunt Linda has collected wedding favors from every wedding she has attended since the 50's I swear it is the coolest box ever! She also has kept all the wedding invitations too!

anything with Jordan Almonds is always my favorite favor.

inquisitivesensitive said...

I did the candy thing that Ginny was talking about and people LOVED it :)

But, another memorable one that I have seen done that I think guests would LOVE was a burned CD for each guest with a selection of songs that the bride/groom have deemed as their favorites or that remind them of each other. I think this is a cool way to give people an idea of the couple's tastes and have something that reminds them of the wedding every time that they listen to the CD :)

Just my 2 cents :)

~Heather H.

Mrs. Carol said...

We got a packet of seasoning that we loved using and was a special blend from the bride and groom.

We got sunflower seeds to grow. They were the bride's favorite flower and the wedding was full of them.

There have been other things, but the above two were the best in our opinion.