Monday, February 2, 2009

You Wish You Invited Me Over Yesterday..

Just like so many others in America, I was going to go to a Superbowl party yesterday, so I made these:

Gingerbread footballs!
Although my plans changed due to a headache I still enjoyed the game, and the smaller venue enjoyed the cookies.

Yesterday also marked 51 years of marriage for my parents. Pretty cool. In honor of this fact tomorrow's Ten On Tuesday Thankfulness list wil be:

"Things That Last"

So tell me, what are you thankful for, either for a long, long time, or simply things that have been(or will be) around for a long time?

Next weeks challenge will be numbers. Your items must include a number of some sort..and while "my 3 kids" is acceptable something like "22 donuts" is not. "12oz Diet Coke" okay..."12 diet cokes", not okay. Get the idea?
I challenge you! Be creative, be grateful.

See you tomorrow.

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