Friday, February 13, 2009

White Wonderland

As I type this I hear the groans of an 8 year old trying to make round snowman parts. He doesn't have much practice since most of his life we have lived in southern California,and low country Arizona. Then we moved here. We personally live on a cusp. Snow doesn't always make it down this low, but occasionally we get this:

Now I am off to help build a snowman.


Missy Shell said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Heather said...

So pretty! And a lot of fun, too, I'm sure :)

I was thinking about you today, Crayl, because I happened upon this very odd site (not that I think you're odd :) of pictures of people with "finger stache" tattoos.

Knowing your love of pipe-cleaner mustaches, I thought you might enjoy these REAL tattoos that people have of mustaches on their fingers. They put their fingers under their nose, and voila!

Here's the site:

You probably think I'm so weird for even sending you this...