Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten On Two's Day

Today's thankful ten is all about numbers.

(No particular order)

One. Twins. My "1st born" was 2 babies. One could argue that "baby A" was really first out into the world, and then 18 minutes later I had my 2nd born, however, they were created at the same moment so ...well, so there.

Two.We currently have 2 running vehicles, PRAISE GOD. I am super thankful about that right now. It took a village, but it worked, they work, YAY!

Three. The Trinity, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

Four. There were 4 kids in my family while growing up. We have added a few more members making whole family gatherings range from 14-18 people. I love it.

Five. I have 5 incredible, close to my heart friends. Sisters by choice. They have each helped me through different times of my life, and I can't imagine my life without them.

Six. My husband is about 6'1"...and that is a splendid height to be (at least I think so anyway)

Seven. 70, both my parents are 70, and healthy, I love them, and I am very thankful for who they are.

Eight. I love 8! It's my favorite number, it's so round and curvy. It has nothing to do with my birthday at all either.

Nine. 9 months(give or take). Glad God didn't make it 23 months nor 2.

Ten. 10 pounds, 3 ounces. That's what my son weighed when he entered the world healthy and huge.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LINE THEM UP LIKE ME. It was a fluke at first, and then I just rolled with it.
Enjoy, be thankful!

Next week use the acronym: APPRECIATE to make your ten list. See you then!


Misty said...

you seriously are so clever! I love it!

Heather said...

Awesome list! Very clever! (I'm afraid mine isn't such a positive one this week...)

I meant to congratulate you and your son earlier about his finishing third grade and moving on to fourth; great job! Oh, and BTW, he is ADORABLE!!

Missy Shell said...

Oh, but I love the neat, tidy order of it! I'll have to start thinking...

I love you list too, and all of the people mentioned in it!

Thany said...

This is a wonderful list...I love it all.