Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Things that last.

1. God, the everlasting, omnipresent, lover of my soul.
2. Love. Now some people might argue that love doesn't last, but real love does. Not lust, not "being in love with". Hard core, unconditional , all your faults included love lasts.
3. Redwoods, amazing trees.
4. My Family, by blood and choice.
5. Leather shoes, I have a pair of boots from college and my favorite shoes are at least 11 years old. It pays to pay for leather sometimes (maybe not for growing kids).
6. Mountains and oceans.
7. Moon, stars,and sun.
8. Books.
9. Family Traditions!
10. Souls. After this time on earth, do you know where yours is going? I accepted the gift of salvation, eternity with my creator in glory.

Being thankful is for anybody, anytime, anywhere.
No matter what you believe about the world or after. Being grateful helps you realize the gifts and blessing you are surrounded by. The value of those people or things. It replenishes your weary soul. It lets you lift your face up, instead of being downcast.

Join me.
Write a list, the suggested, Things That Last, or anything you can come up with. Post it and link your post. If you don't have a blog simply leave your list in the comments. Thank you ! I appreciate your visit and(or) your participation.


Heather said...

Love the list! I did something a little different today, but with the same idea of 'things that last.' Have a great day!

Misty said...

very true...

SchuMom said...

I deliberately wrote my own list before reading yours because I knew we'd come up with some of the same ones. Sure enough!