Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay Informed

We have a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. We no longer live in his town, but not too far away, and he and his family mean alot to us. They discovered a very cool way to keep everyone up to date and informed as well as give a place to send messages, well wishes or prayers for the person with a ailment or condition.

Here is the site:

I think it is absolutely brilliant. It works for us, we can leave messages and learn what is going on without fear of waking him up or disrupting anything. He in turn can respond when he is able. For those without blogs or other networking sites it is a nice alternative. It seems simple to use as well.

Works for me.
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Misty said...

we had friends who did something similar... It is a great way to support, you are right! I'm sorry about your friend... Cancer sucks.