Friday, February 20, 2009


One night, or factually it was already morning, I was dreaming. The dream was nothing spectacular. There were some people in it I knew, we were doing stuff. But then, in the dream I got the hiccups. They were terrible! They literally would interrupt the action in the dream, so I started controlling the dream a bit. Made myself hold my breath, put my arms over my head, and eventually found a glass of water in the dream. All of these things failed miserably. As I took in a breath or a sip of water a large hiccup would interrupt it. I either shook awake, or perhaps my husband woke me up, to find I really had the hiccups! It was just before 5am, and it was weird. It kinda freaked us both out, I have never experienced that before, and hope I don't again.

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Thany said...

Hiccups in your sleep? How weird!

What a terrible way to be woken up.