Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Breakfast on the Go!

My husband needs breakfast everyday. I noticed the granola bars flying out of the house at an alarming rate when my son spoke up. Daddy sometimes eats 2 on the way to work.
And he calls that breakfast? I don't think so.
Do to economic times, due to diabetes, and due to an in general feeling of "I don't think so", I created the following recipe. I make it Sunday night and put it in the coldest part of the fridge. In essence it creates 6 "sandwiches" that are a cross between an egg sandwich,french toast, an omelette, or a breakfast casserole.

12 slices bread.
12 eggs, or equivalent
3 cups milk
salt and pepper to taste.
Cheese, lunch meat, left over chicken, sausage, bacon, any left over meat, onions,salsa,peppers, goat cheese or cream cheese,basil or other herbs, chili powder, cumin etc.

Pre-heat over to 350.
Use non stick spray, coat a 9 x 11 pan
Lay 6 slices bread down flat.
Add toppings, chicken and salsa and cheese for example. Make them like sandwiches, make sure to place a little shredded cheese on top of fillings, it helps bind it together.
Place 2nd slice of bread on each, line them up like a sandwich.
Whisk eggs and milk until well blended, add spices if you are using any...go light on salt if your fillings are salty (ie: bacon)
Melt a bit of butter and drizzle on top bread slices, then pour egg mixture over all, making sure all gets wet. Tip pan back and forth a bit to evenly distribute if needed. (If using Texas toast thickness bread add an egg or 2 and a little more milk)
Sprinkle with grated cheese, cover with foil, bake 60 minute. At this point you will have to uncover it and check for doneness. Depending on your filling it may need another 15-20 minutes.

Let cool, cut into 6 sandwiches. Theses are easy to heat up or eat cold, and grab and run out the door. Each serving gives you 2 eggs of protein and 1/2 cup of milk, plus whatever goodness you put inside. A whole can fill a man, or a growing boy.

For health reasons we use more egg whites than whole eggs, and whole wheat read, and lean fillings.

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